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Experience the FNF Mods for free in your web browser. Whether it’s VS Whitty, Shaggy, or Huggy Wuggy, you’ll find some super addictive Friday Night Funkin Mods in the below collection.

FNF Mods

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When you think about Friday Night Funkin Mods or Games, The first thing that come to your mind is music becuase FNF is rythem game. The Friday Night Funkin is rythem game in which you control a character called Boyfriend. In FNF, Boyfriend must keep defeating his all opponents to keep dating Girlfriend.During FNF Gameplay, The opponent character will sing a pattern of notes which you will have to copy using Arrow Keys or W, A, S, and D Keys. There are three diffeculties avaible in all Friday Night Funkin Mods. These are EASY, NORMAL and HARD. Currently, There are two modes in Friday Night Funkin game which are Story Mode and Freeplay mode. The more detailed information about these two is given below.

Story Mode: This is main mode of Friday Night Funkin game. In Story Mode, You play through different weeks that combine the scores of each level together into a final week score. Freeplay Mode: The Freeplay Mode is another mode of Friday Night Funkin game. In Freeplay Mode, You can play any songs from all weeks at whatever time. This will allow you to practice songs and score more.

Frequency Asked Questions

Is FNF Games Supported by My Browser?

All of FNF Mods which are avaible in our website are in HTML5 format, a cross-platform format that works in any modern web browsers such Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

How to Play FNF Mods?

You can play Friday Night Funkin Mods by opening one of game. After that, You must click on Play button and now game will start loading on your Browser. Your task is to copy pattern of notes which are sung by your oppoenents using Arrow Keys or WASD Keys.

What are the most popular FNF Mods?

  1. Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses
  2. VS Flippy
  3. Salty’s Sunday Night
  4. VS Whitty
  5. VS Annie
  6. VS Sky
  7. VS Shaggy V2